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Psychology: Psychology IA


Jan 9-15:   Research experiments to replicate

Jan 17:   Proposal form due

Jan 22-24:   Plan experiment

Jan 24:   Plan & design due

Jan 28-30:   Replicate experiment

Feb 6-12:   Table of raw data/ descriptive stats/ graph

Feb 14:   Present results to class

Feb 18-20:   Write introduction

Feb 24-28:   Write method & results section

Mar 4-6:   Write discussion section

Mar 17:    Finish report - title page/ abstract/ appendices

March 19:  First draft of IA due in class

March 25:   Submit to

March 25:   Revise IAs in class

March 27: Final draft of IA due in class (SL)

Notes and Information

This guideline is a very helpful reference as you write each section of your IA.

Guideline for writing IA report


Here are some examples of IA's that were graded by IB. These are NOT perfect papers. 
Example 1 got an 11/20. Example 2 got a 15/20. Example 3 got a 17/20. 


The IB Psychology Guide contains plenty of information about the course.  For the IA, focus on pages 48-52 (SL) or pages 53-58 (HL).

Subject Guide

Sabrina Hyden